Jack Frost On Ice

Jack Frost on Ice: 22nd July 2016

Bring the whole family to join me, Freddo Frog and my friend the Fairy Godmother as we tell you the magical story of how unlikely, unheard of and unseen winter spirit, Jack Frost tries to stop The Boogeyman giving children scary dreams!  Many of you may not believe in Jack Frost or know the role he plays in our snowy winter days, but come along on an adventure with us (make sure you dress warmly with hats, gloves and woolly socks) and let's see if by the end of the show you believe in Jack Frost and perhaps you'll hear him too?

Entry: $15 per person, $50 per family (2 adults, 3 children 


Dunedin Ice Skating Club Championships 2016

Location: 101 Victoria Road, St Kilda, Dunedin

Date: 25th & 26th June 2016

Please for more information visit the below link

NZIFSA Level One Coaching Accreditation Seminar

Well done to Jen Segiel, Nicki Holtz and Reuben Dougherty for completing the NZIFSA level one coaching accreditation seminar on the weekend. We wish you all the best with all of your training and work towards gaining your NZIFSA Level One Coaching Accreditation.

NZIFSA Medal Testing

The club will be holding a  NZIFSA Medal Test  on Wednesday the 11th of May from 0700-07:45am.  

Please find the schedule for the test here: 11th May Medal Tests 

NZIFSA Medal Test

Congratulations to the following skaters for passing their NZIFSA Medal test:

Elementary Stroking
Emilie Keach
Eva Zoghbi

Preliminary Stroking
Misaki Joe
Stacy Fox

Development Selections

Congratulations to the below for making selections and for confirming your placement in our Term 2 development Programme

Tier 1: Jamie Bradfield, Liam Veneendaal, Max Cathro, Selina Zend, Tilly Phillips, Jacinda Dunbar, Mia North
Tier 2: Darcy Stanton, Phoebe Fraser, Sophia Kevill, Conall Donaldson, Gemma Thompson, Eleanor Blacker, Jasmine Bekhit
Tier 2C: Abby Grimaldi, Monique Harper, Willow Stanton, Jackson Cathro, Odin
Tier 3: Aimee Pickford, Arlea Lewis, Benji Pickering, Gemma Pickering, Jazmyn Evangelou, Tim Bradfield, Jazelle McCormick
Tier 4: Amelie Henderson, Brooke Cathro, Briar Short, Hannah Sime, Katie St Clair Newman, Lucie Holtz, Misaki Joe, Rebekah Sime, Sasha Seatter, Stacy Fox
Tier 5: Asia Tapealava, Emma Taggart, Katie Sewell, Kaitlin Chamberlain, Morgan Templeton, Reuben Dougherty, Rohan Kinraid, Sarah MacGibbon, Tama Anthony Whigham, Zara Anthony Whigham

If you have been sent a selection request from our secretary, please confirm or decline your placement as soon a possible.

May club session ice time changes

Open Session: 07:45am-09:00am
Open Session: 7:00am-9:00am
Pairs: 9:00am - 9:45am
Adults: Cancelled
Open Session: 7:00am-9:00am
Pairs: Cancelled
Adults: Cancelled
Open Session: Cancelled
Pairs: Cancelled
Adults: Cancelled

Development/Kiwi Skate Coaching Director

Morgan Templeton is away from the 18th-30th of April. 

Please email her for any questions regarding development or kiwi skate to morganna.templeton@outlook.co.nz 

Note: Emails will not be answered until after the 30th of April. 

NZIFSA Medal Testing

Please click the link below to see the NZIFSA Medal testing schedule for the 16th of April.

April NZIFSA Medal Testing

NZIFSA Medal Test Passes

Congratulations to the below skaters passing their NZIFSA Medal tests this morning.

Elementary Stroking: Gemma Pickering, Eleanor Blacker & Nathan Day
Preliminary StrokingBrooke Cathro & Rebekah Sime
Inter Bronze Stroking: Katie St Cliar Newman & Hannah Sime
Elementary Free Skating: Misaki Joe
Bronze Free Skating: Tama Anthony Whigham
Inter Silver Free Skating: Asia Tapealva, Emma Taggart, Katie Sewell
Silver Free Skating: Kaitlin Chamberlain

Preliminary Pairs: Lucie Holtz, Tama Anthony Whigham
Inter Bronze Pairs: Hannah Sime & Reuben Dougherty

Zara Anthony Whigham New Zealand Representative

Zara competed last night and successfully placed 13th out of 21 skaters in the ISU Development Trophy Novice B Ladies in Poland! 

Congratulations Zara on a successful competition and for representing New Zealand with a terrific performance.

Zara Anthony Whigham Results

Zara Anthony Whigham is currently representing New Zealand in the Novice B Ladies in Poland at the ISU World Development Trophy. Please see the below link to watch the live streaming channel to watch her perform on the 12th at 10:45pm New Zealand time. 

Go Zara!!! Good Luck from all of us


Information evening

Thank you Sandra Williamson-Leadley (New Zealand Senior and ISU  judge) for holding a information seminar for our members at the Dunedin Ice Skating stadium last night. 

Sandra plans to hold another seminar similar to this in the near 
future to inform you from a judges perspective how they mark a skaters performance. This will give you a clear understanding on how the individual skater is marked by a judge. 

Please check the website regularly for any updates on when this may be held.

Fundraising Monday night

Graeme Joe has kindly offered to help with club fundraising by bringing in fruit this coming Monday night aligning with development & kiwi-skate for a GOLD coin donation.  The fruit will be the same as the bananas last week, they probably wouldn't be sold in the shops, but still perfectly good fruit.  

This week Graeme can offer pears.  

Please bring your own bag and be fair to other parents in terms of how much you take and how much you donate.

Information evening for new competitive members

On the 11th of April, Monday evening from 18.15 hrs - 18.45 hrs Sandra Williamson-Leadley our New Zealand Senior and ISU  judge will be doing an information seminar at the Dunedin Ice Skating Rink.  

This seminar will be an instructional one on how testing and competitions are run and what it entails. This is a great opportunity for new and newish skaters / parents to find out more about what goes on and to feel free to ask those questions you have been thinking about and to have the answers explained by a top level judge.

Ice time cancellation

There is no open session, pairs session or adult session on Sunday 10th of April. Also Public session won't be open until 11:30am

Corinne Gilkison Trophy

Congratulations to all skaters, officials and volunteers for the smooth running of the inaugural  Corinne Gilkison Trophy!

We hope to see you and many new members in the 2017 competition.

Event: Corinne Gilkison Trophy                
Date: 16th and 17th of April

Discipline: Figure Skating

Time: Saturday 4-8pm & Sunday 7-11am
Location: Dunedin Ice Stadium

Important: Official draw/music registration 15/04/16 6:15pm in the warm room, bring your music!!!
Entries V3 Corinne Gilkison Trophy
Schedule V3 Corinne Gilkison Trophy
Corinne Gilkison volunteer schedule v2

For more information click the below link: 

NZIFSA Medal Testing March 2016

Congratulations to the following skaters for passing their medal tests last week

Test 0 Stroking - Tim Bradfield, Misaki Joe, Aimee Pickford, Jazelle McCormick and Abby Grimaldi
Test 0 Free Skating - Stacy Fox
Test 1 Free Skating - Hannah Sime
Test 2 Free Skating - Sasha Seatter
Test 3 Free Skating - Reuben Dougherty
Test 4 Free Skating - Rohan Kinraid
Test 0 Pairs Free Skating - Hannah Sime and Reuben Dougherty
Test 1 Pairs Free Skating - Katie Sewell and Rohan Kinraid
Adult Test 0 Free Skating - Christine Dougherty

Easter Weekend

We are still running as per normal throughout the easter weekend. There are no cancellations for our programmes or ice time

Australian Nationals 2015

The DISC Committee would like to wish two of our skaters, Zara Anthony-Whigham and Emma Taggart, the best of luck at the Australian Nationals this week.

Both skaters begin their competition today with Emma skating in Intermediate Ladies at 3pm NZ time. Zara, who is one of our Novice Ladies, will skate her short programme at 8:45pm our time. Zara will skate her long programme tomorrow at 9:15pm our time.

Results can be viewed here: http://www.nswisa.com/results/live/index.htm

Good luck girls! Skate your best and we know you'll do us proud.

DISC Committee 2015

Spring Trophy 2015 - 29/10/2015

The DISC committee wishes to wish our skaters who are competing and testing this weekend all the best and hope you all skate well!

A couple of notices: Volunteers are required to ensure the smooth running of our competitions. We are still in need of more volunteers to assist this weekend. It is a good chance for first timers at competitions to get their heads around the various jobs because it's a small, friendly competition with known faces. If you would like to give back to your club and assist, please either email Kelly the secretary via secretary@disc.org.nz or reply to Catherine through the email recently sent out. If you have not received this email, please just ask a coach and they will point you in the right direction.

Test days: Seraya wishes it noted that there will be ONE more test day this year and no others. The date of this test day is to be decided by the availability of our judges after this weekend. If you wish to do this test day, please inform Seraya, our Test secretary via the secretary at the email above. If the date does not suit, then skaters will either have to change their plans or do it next year (please note - NZIFSA test will be changing next year and will require new patterns to be learnt)

Kind regards - DISC Committee 2015

Medal Tests at the Spring Trophy 2015 - 18/10/2015

Hi All,

Catherine has sent the club an email with the current test forms that contain the proper fees for the tests. They are due in tonight, or if you have missed the email, please speak to your coach ASAP or email Seraya directly via the DISC secretary at secretary@disc.org.nz.

Here is the download form: DISC Medal Test Form 2015

DISC, winners of the All Church Shield 2015 - 9/10/2015

The committee would like to congratulate all our DISC skaters who went to Auckland and competed at the 205 NZIFSA National Championships. The club did exceedingly well and for the first time in many years, possibly the first time ever, DISC has won the All Church Shield (co-won with Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club). 

The All Church Shield is won by the club with the most points gained from placings among the grades. Where grades have at least 3 skaters, first place is worth 3 points, second place is worth 2 points and third is worth 1 point. When grades have 2 skaters, first is worth 2 points and second is worth 1 point and so on and so forth.

Results from Nationals 2015:

Pre Primary Ladies:  3rd (without guest) - Laila Bekhit
Pre Primary Men:     2nd - Tama Anthony-Whigham
                            3rd - Reuben Dougherty
Primary Ladies:        3rd - Asia Tapealava
Intermediate Ladies: 1st - Emma Taggart
                            3rd (without guest) - Katie Sewell
                            6th (without guest) - Emily Dickie
Intermediate Men:    1st - Rohan Kinraid
Novice Ladies:         2nd - Zara Anthony-Whigham
                            3rd - Kaitlin Chamberlain
Senior Ladies:         2nd - Sarah MacGibbon
Open Synchronised: 2nd - Icentric

The Committee would also like to congratulate the following skaters on their selection to the NZ team to skate at Australian Nationals:
Asia Tapealava, Emma Taggart, Rohan Kinraid and Zara Anthony-Whigham.

Congratulations everyone for these fantastic results!

NZ Masters Games - 6/10/2015

Hi everyone,

Dunedin is hosting the NZ Masters Games in January next year and the Dunedin Ice Stadium will be hosting the Figure, Curling and Hockey disciplines over a week. 

This is a great competition for our adult skaters and, if the rumours are true, there will be adults from other countries coming over to compete with the NZ-based skaters. What a fantastic opportunity.

Attached is the announcement for the competition: ANZAS NZ Announcement
If you have any questions, please direct them to Sue Hosiet, our NZ Masters Games representative, via the secretary at secretary@disc.org.nz

Ice Time Changes and Nationals 19/09/2015

Skaters and Families,

The Committee would like to take this chance to wish all of our skaters competing in Auckland this coming week the very best in their endeavours. We know that you will skate your hardest and do the club proud!

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Kelly to the Committee. Kelly will be taking on the role of secretary for the club and you can contact her at secretary@disc.org.nz

In other news...

Saturday mornings are once again affected due to other events at the Dunedin Ice Stadium:

Saturday 26/09/2015: Club time - 5:45am until 7:45am 
        Development - 7:45am until 8:45am

Kind regards,

DISC Committee 2015

Ice Time Changes 09/09/2015

The Committee would like to advise skaters of the following ice time changes as per the email sent out today:

Friday 11/09/15 - No development session in the afternoon. At this stage, Stretching and Development Synchronised are still on.

Saturday 12/09/2015 - Open session from 6am until 7:30am only. There will be no Development either. Kiwiskate will still be running for those required to coach.

Kind regards,

DISC Committee 2015 

Speed National Championships and subsequent ice time changes

The Dunedin Ice Skating Club is proud to advise our skaters and families that Dunedin is hosting the 2015 New Zealand Short Track Ice Speed Skating Championships being held at the Dunedin Ice Stadium Friday and Saturday 4th - 5th September. 

Dunedin skater Rianna Mitchell will be representing the club in the Junior ladies category as well as several new Dunedin skaters in the Juvenile Girls event. We would like to wish them the best of luck with the competition this weekend and we hope they achieve their goals!

Consequently, figure skaters please note that there will be ice time changes on the Saturday with club time from 6am to 7:30am only. There will be no development session either.

Kiwiskate will still be running.

DISC Committee 2015

Nationals Entries 2015


Please remember that Nationals entries are due in the club box tonight (31/8/2015)! Lana and Catherine will be at the rink during club time this evening in order to process the entries received and harry those who have forgotten.

DISC Committee

Nationals Selection 2015

DISC would like to congratulate the following skaters on their success at qualifying for the 2015 NZIFSA National Championships in Auckland from 24th to 27th September: 

Pre Primary Ladies: Laila Bekhit
Pre Primary Men: Reuben Dougherty, Tama Anthony-Whigham
Primary Ladies: Asia Tapealava
Intermediate Ladies: Emma Taggart, Emily Dickie, Katie Sewell
Intermediate Men: Rohan Kinraid
Novice Ladies: Zara Anthony-Whigham, Kaitlin Chamberlain
Senior Ladies: Sarah MacGibbon
Open Synchronised: Icentric

We would also like to wish our Adults competing in the NZIFSA Adult Nationals the best of luck: Sue Hosiet, Karl Hewitt

As a side note: All of our skaters who were required to qualify for Nationals have done so. What a fantastic achievement this year!

We wish you all the best for your performances and we will see you training hard over the next three weeks in the lead up to the competition!

South Islands 2015

Congratulations to all the skaters who competed in the South Island Championships last weekend. You all did the club proud and we hope that you are pleased with your performances. 

The DISC Committee would like to give a big shout out and thank you to all those who volunteered their time and assisted with the running of South Islands over the last weekend. Whether you provided food, drink, blankets, services or if you lived at the rink over the weekend, we could not have done it without your help!

The competition ran smoothly, although there are things which could have been improved, overall it was a great success.

The Website is back in business!

Good news!

The website is being updated again. It's a work in progress, so please bear with us while we work to update it from the state it was in. If you have any queries or possible input, please email Grant at granthowie@hotmail.co.nz with your suggestions and he will endeavour to get back to you/update the website as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

DISC Committee 2015