The Dunedin Ice Skating Club

Our Venue: Dunedin Ice Stadium 
101 Victoria Road, St Kilda, Dunedin

The Dunedin Ice Skating Club (DISC) is open to people of all ages who love to skate on ice. We cater for all levels of figure skating right up to international competitions. There are approximately 120 members in the Dunedin Ice Skating Club.

Over the period of its existence the club has had a continuing record of success. We have a number of international representatives, as well as many national champions in both figure skating and speed skating.

The club was founded in 1988, and for the first 14 years of its life was based at the now closed Big Chill ice arena. From 2002 - 2004 Dunedin had no ice skating rink, but a few members continued skating and competing by traveling to Gore several times a week. In October 2004 the new Dunedin Ice Stadium opened, and is owned and operated by Ice Sports Dunedin. Ice Sports Dunedin is an incorporated society formed by the club in co-operation with ice hockey and curling interests in Dunedin.

As a club we host many competitions including New Zealand Nationals and Masters Games. We also host NZIFSA medal tests.

We accommodate sessions for the below disciplines;

Open Session: ice time for booking private lessons with our qualified coaches and personal s a training. 

Synchronised Session:  is a large discipline of figure skating where 8–20 (the number of skaters on a team depends on the level) skaters skate on ice as a team, moving as one flowing unit at high speeds while completing difficult footwork

Pairs Session: is performed by a female and male team. The use of lifts, twists, throw jumps, single jump and spins are performed within a routine performance from the pairs team within this discipline.

Short Track Session: is a competitive form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in travelling a certain distance on long bladed skates.  

Adult Session: ice time for booking private lessons with our qualified coaches and personal truing. Adults over the age of 18years are welcome to join. Adult wanting to skate in this session must be recreational, non competitive or competing at a masters level.

Development: ice time, coaching included into a  programme for recreational and competitive figures skaters. There are 5 tiers. Tier 1 & 2 are for recreational figure skaters. Tier's 3-5 are for competitive figure skaters.

Postal Address: 
Dunedin Ice Skating Club 
PO Box 2545 
Dunedin 9044