The Dunedin Ice Skating Club (DISC) is part owner of the ice rink along with The Dunedin Ice Hockey Club and the Dunedin Curling Club, we come under the umbrella of Ice Sports Dunedin.

DISC is run by a group of volunteers on a committee, each committee member is responsible for different categories that help keep the club running smoothly. They make the decisions for the best interest of club members.

DISC caters for competitive, non-competitive and recreational skaters, we offer discounted ice time booked out by the club for club members only. We also offer a partially funded Development scheme for competitive skaters to enhance their skills.

Before you become a club member a membership fee is to be paid along with a club membership form to be filled out. Each year if you wish to remain a member of the club you pay an annual subscription fee. The membership application is to be passed on to the Club Secretary who will process this, the committee has the right to decline an application if the occasion occurs.

There are different variety of skating categories that the club offers to our members to train in, some of these categories have their own ice time dedicated to them due to safety, fairness and funding injection.

These are the different skating divisions available

  1. Singles skating
  2. Ice Dance  
  3. Pair Skating  
  4. Synchronised skating
  5. Short Track Speed Skating  


The coaches at the club are self-employed and if you wish to have private lessons with them during ice time that the club allows private coaches to use, you are to contact them directly to arrange your own lessons. The cost of private lessons is between you and the coach. The club contracts particular coaches to run events such like the Development Program and group lessons. 


There is no age restriction to be a competitive skater. However, there are age restrictions within the competitive field to what grade a skater may participate in. The club is affiliated to the national body known as the New Zealand Ice Figure Association (NZIFSA), they have rules and regulations that govern our competitive skaters.

To be a competitive skater you must be T.C registered (Test and Competition Registration), the fee is set by the NZIFSA and the payment along with the test form are to go through the DISC Club secretary / Test Secretary for them to process. The skater will be issued a TC number which will remain the same for the rest of their skating career in N.Z. Each year you must register again no later than the 31 st of March or before you compete in your first competition of the year if after the 31 st March or before you sit any NZIFSA medal test.

There are many competitions held throughout the year for our club members in New Zealand - club, sub-regional, regional, national. Some of these may require qualifying to gain entry. New Zealand competitive skaters may also enter international competitions and championships but this is subject to qualifying and being approached by the NZIFSA or given permission by them.

How do I become a competitive skater?

  1. Be a paid up club member
  2. Be T.C registered (Test and Competition registered)
  3. Arrange lessons from a coach (not compulsory)
  4. Fill out the application forms when a competition is available
  5. Have the appropriate NZIFSA medal tests.



Some competitions have an area in them for non-competitive skaters to participate in, these grades are not recognised by the NZIFSA on a competitive level.


The club has skaters who wish to enjoy themselves skating and not having any pressures of sitting tests or competing.