Our development Programme is a highly regarded programme throughout New Zealand and supports the growth of competitive and recreational figure skating. The programme has been designed as a bridging programme from the Learn to Skate (Kiwi-Skate Programme) to start from non-competitive development levels all the way up to Senior International competitive levels.

There are currently 3 recreational levels and 5 competitive levels. We have a maximum of 10 skaters placements per level so getting placements within this programme is competitive 

We are very fortunate to have the funding and help of the Otago Community Trust. The running of this programme depends solely on this funding grant each year and it allows our skaters subsidised entrance fees, which helps with covering ice time and coaching costs. 

Applicant Entrance:
A skater who meets the requirements and has been selected by our club coaches will be contacted and offered a placement if a suitable placement is available in the programme. All skaters must be current DISC members in this programme. All skaters in Groups 5 - 8 must also be a current NZIFSA TC registered member too.

Please see the Development timetable below.