DISC Coaching:

Here is a quick look at how much each of our coaches charge. Lessons are generally allocated in 30 minute slots and can be taught one-on-one, semi-private (two or three in a group), or in a group upon request (groups would normally only be stroking groups). 

Coaches coaching in DISC programmes are:

Fanis Shakirzianau - $30.00 30 minutes
Morgan Templeton - $25.00 30 minutes
Megan Kliegl - $20.00 30 minutes
Grant Howie - $20.00 30 minutes
Brett McCormick - Please enquire as to what Brett's rate are through the Speed Liaison, Glenys Mitchell, via the secretary at secretary@disc.org.nz.

We have a range of Junior coaches who are learning to teach ice figure skating in the club. Their rates are often cheaper as they may not have as much experience as the senior coaches and can provide a more affordable option for those who would like to try a lesson or two. This option is generally reserved for Development Squad members or Kiwiskaters, although members of the public are welcome to enquire. 

Our junior coaches who are in the NZIFSA coach apprenticeship programme will already have a mentor who will observe and advise them on their coaching techniques. Those who are yet to apply for the programme (but have intentions to do so) may still coach, however, they will be observed from time to time by the senior coaches to ensure correct technique is being taught to their skaters.