Development Synchronised

Established in the beginning of 2015, this second squad provides the opportunity for young skaters to develop their synchronised skating skills with the goal of skating in the clubs competitive Synchronised teams. 

Synchronised skating skills are different from those of singles skaters, requiring more control, a strong understanding of timing and the ability to copy those around the skater. Although jumps and spins play a part in this, they are not the focus. Edges, skating skills, turns, posture, the synchronised elements and working together are the main focus of this squad.

Development Synchronised is taught by one of our Synchronised coaches with the assistance of members from our disolved  Senior team, Icentric.

We run a synchronised class on Wednesday 4-5pm. If you are interested please contact the synchronised liaison Grant Howie via the DISC Secretary.

Some of the Development Synch with Freddo at the Cadbury Week show 2015