These medal tests are for those skaters who want to skate competitively in club, regional, national and those wanting to represent New Zealand overseas in competitions. To sit a test a skater must be T.C registered (Test and Competition registered) with the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association. This registration has an annual fee which is set by the National body.   

The N.Z.I.F.S.A sets the cost of the medal test and the associated clubs set their costs on top for ice time etc.   

The Dunedin Ice Skating Club has set their medal test costs by how much the ice time costs us and includes the N.Z.I.F.S.A medal test cost. The expense will depend on what test the skater will be sitting as the higher level tests take up longer time on the ice and allows for re skates for the tests if required. Extra costs may be added on to cover expenses not included in the test fee. For example: If D.I.S.C. has to bring in judges from out of town, their travel costs, accommodation and if there are not enough skaters on the ice to cover the ice time. If there are any other costs involved the applicant would be advised first before putting them down on the schedule and then it is up to the skater / parent if they wish to continue with the test or wait for the next available test date.  

D.I.S.C (Dunedin Ice Skating Club) has a test form on their website and the form is to be filled out by the skater, parent or coach. If the skater is under 18 years a parent must sign the form, if filled in by a coach the skater / parent must also sign the form.   

The payment costs are listed on the bottom of the test form and payments are to be made to the club when the form has been signed and handed in.  If payment and form has not been completed, then the applicant is not able to sit the test.   

When the Test Secretary announces a test, the instructions will be given to when the closing date for entries will be. The Test Secretary will announce the date and time of testing, the schedule will also be announced by the Test Secretary closer to the test date giving the skaters name, order of skating placement and approximate time for sitting the test.     

Personal requests of skating time and placement in tests are not permitted, meaning the Test Secretary has the final call on the arrangement of time and placements.   

There may be circumstances when an overflow of test entries will be received and the club is not able to fit all of the skaters into the schedule, as this would depend on the ice time available and the judges available. All applicants will be corresponded to and updated.   

Once the skater has filled out the form and paid the entry fee for a given date of a test then the schedule for the test will be sent out to them in due course.   

Please note: Any withdrawals from a test must be made no less than seven days prior to the test date, failure to comply will necessitate a re-application to sit the test and another test fee. The exception to this is if there is a medical reason, bereavement or exceptional circumstances.   

If a skater does not pass a test it may not be retested until after three weeks. A skater may request for dispensation to do the test again prior to the three weeks for exceptional circumstances.  The outcome of the dispensation will depend on the N.Z.I.F.S.A decision.  

Please find the required paperwork needed for testing through this link: Club Forms